What do you do when you need to build a home? You hire an Architect, right? Why? Because you want the best house but don’t know what is trending in the market to suit your lifestyle.

What do you do when you have your home-interiors to be done? Precisely, you hire an Interior Designer and not all the related service separately.

The reason you do this is because, firstly you want one single authority to manage the whole project, comprehensively. Secondly you might not want to deal with vendors and laborers. And third and the most important thing, you give your trust to that professional to deliver you the best-product.

Image Consulting and Style Advisory is quite similar to that, it helps you to achieve a complete image, in all aspects. After your thorough analysis, it decides and guides you, if you need a personality development or a weight management.

So what is inclusive benefit? What should you expect?

Image Consulting and Style Advisory, specially at "I am Mr." has an inclusive approach, that not only analyses the men, but also relates to his goals and objectives in life. It tries it’s best to cater and boost his social image rather than just styling.

So here is a brief about how it works:

Lifestyle Appropriate clothing

  • Expect: Lifestyle evaluation and analysis, understanding of your professional and social goals, pros-cons of your current style
  • Benefits: Wear right type of clothing as per occasion, communication through your clothes before speaking

Anthropometry & Color Psychology

  • Expect: Identifying & categorizing body shape, Body Tone - Skin – Hair color analysis, Identifying the prominent features of your body and face, identifying the body features that would need change, choosing the right tailor/ brands
  • Benefits: Dress as per your identified body shape, wear clothes that highlight your best body features, choose color that suit your body tone and skin, try new color palettes and fitting

Personal Styling

  • Expect: Personal Style Analysis, Understanding of fabrics and dress style to suit your personal style, Hairstyle Analysis, Understanding of fitting, stitches and fabric as per your personal style, Pros-cons of your current style
  • Benefits: Wear right kind of fits & fabrics, have a well suited hairstyle for your face type, modify and develop your authentic personal style

Shopping & Wardrobe Management

  • Expect: Wardrobe Analysis, Identifying and making understand wardrobe essentials for men, budget and lifestyle analysis, understanding of shopping seasons and discount seasons, online shopping benefits, donating old clothes, making understand the benefits of personal shopper
  • Benefits: Personal shopper, shopping assistance, smart shopping, save money, online shopping discounts, organised and neat wardrobe, save time in the morning for “what to wear”

Body Language & Etiquettes

  • Expect: Sessions (and workshops) on Dinning etiquette, Social etiquette, Professional etiquettes, Verbal & Non-verbal communication, Face gestures, Body postures
  • Benefits: Enhance personal and social image, foster dignity and respect, build self-confidence and self-esteem, career advancement, cross-cultural awareness, learn strategies and skills to overcoming shyness

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