I know it has been long I posted something that can further give you a perfect picture of what this service industry is like and what are  the returns you should expect once you make an investment. Interestingly, here when I say investment I don’t just mean the money, I mean the time, the patience and the positive zest to make a change.

So technically who would need Image Consulting and Style Advisory?

Yes, you are right to an extent if you said “the stars, actors and the politicians” but the list is long. Just to shorten the list and be specific as to who else would need these services, I would put it this way “Any individual who wants to create an impact and make his existence heard and seen (in a positive way) would need an Image Consultant and Style Advisory.” The impact may not be in media or politics or film industry but at a micro level for eg. an important meeting in the office or a date with that special lady that you always longed for or for that matter just to feel confident and positive about yourself.

So practically if I remove the media-face professionals aside, the men who need an Image consultant or style advisor are:

  • Graduates for their first interviews
  • Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Architects and more
  • Corporate Executives like HR Manager, Medical Rep, Service Consultants, and more
  • Government Servants like IAS, Town Planners, Commissioners, and more
  • Public-Service industries like Retail (Visual Merchandising), Hospitality (Managers and Waiters), Airlines(Stewards) and many more
  • Grooms to-be
  • Entrepreneurs

Not everyone needs these services, but if you possess any 3 or all qualities as under, it’s high time you hire an Image consultant or style advisor:

  1. You prefer to wear what your wife/mom bought
  2. Your favorite color is seen all over your dressing or even all over your wardrobe
  3. You buy what is branded and not what suits
  4. You are wearing the same shirt today that you wore in 2005
  5. For you, shoes is just a footwear
  6. You have only white socks
  7. You have only one black belt and that is black leather belt
  8. For you formals mean: light shirt dark trousers
  9. You have a ready-made black suit
  10. You go to the salon and ask your stylist “just cut it short”
  11. You have a lousy handshake style
  12. You don’t prefer eye contact while talking
  13. You like talking and you talk even when you have food in your mouth
  14. For you, using a mobile at public places is like karaoke event.

The list is long but for now if you have at least 3 of these qualities, call us.