We men, in the name of ego and we-are-fine the way we are, often surrender ourselves to the mediocracy of the social dilemma. In this world of globalization where except your nationality on passport, you are no different than another person in any part of the world, it is really important to put up and amplify your Image and Style.

We at Iam Mr. love to make elaborate points through illustrations and examples. So here’s one to this topic:

Assume this usual scenario faced by almost every man we know around – JOB INTERVIEW.

Before getting further, let me share you a quote that pops my mind every time I think of job interviews –

No addiction is as harmful as a monthly salary

 Yes, job interview is the best example and most common “short play” of our lives where we face competition, where we want to put all our best into that 20 minutes, for that six figures.

So continuing, let’s say there are two (you and The Mr.) candidates for the same profile, let’s say as a Business Development (because it involves to meet a lot of people outside the office, later), both equally qualified and experienced. But the tough part is both are called for the interview at the same time, like a buzzer-round competition. And after 20 minutes the beautiful secretary comes to the waiting lounge and says “Mr. is hired”. So what happened that you got knocked out after those amazing answers you gave in that 6x6 m room. Here’s the basic analysis that caught boss’s attention: 

So what was the minor but dramatic difference in “Mr.”, which made you lose the opportunity? Let’s check:

Handshake: Showed that he is welcoming and transmitted underlying confidence in himself

Eye Contact: Showed that he is interested, involved, honest and transmitted underlying confidence in himself

Body Posture: Showed that he has energy, self-assuredness and transmitted underlying confidence in himself

Attire: Showed that he cares for himself and how people want him to judge, smart and transmitted underlying confidence in himself

Speech: Showed that he is approachable, understanding, humble, believes in team-efforts and transmitted underlying confidence in himself

So that’s it, every small detail of his showed his underlying confidence in a non-disturbing manner. Knowing books is good but knowing the social outlook is even a step better.

So next time you are organized for an interview, make sure that you are “The Mr.” there.

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