We are glad you asked, as to what is Image Consulting and Style Advisory (IC&SA, yeah we at “Iam Mr.” like calling it that way)? Now, if you ask the Mr. – Google as to what is: Image, Consulting, Style, Advisory separately, it would give you some confusing picture of what IC&SA is and what it does. Also if you try your luck in doing some combinations of those words, again, you would get a bleak idea and lot of words to read. So allow us to straighten it up for you.

IC&SA is a technical (and Fundamental) support service to the God’s amazing creation: yes, You Men. IC&SA makes sure if what has been delivered on this planet is being maintained and nurtured the way it should be. IC&SA is solely an image amplifier dedicated to men.

From the time we understood science, we were asked to memorize that no two men are similar in any aspect. And IC&SA’s focus is just on that statement and to justify it in a smarter way.

Every man has its distinct style and image in the social back-drop he obligates to, which even if he isn’t aware of, people judge and identify him by that particular thing. Let me put up few examples to make some sense:

Assume someone who has a habit of spitting here and there. You pictured someone you know right there, din’t you? Now, that IMAGE, that one thing (though disgusting) has created an image of that person in the mind of people he is around with.

Let’s see another example, think of someone who is always sharp and fashionable, with his clothes, from head to toe, even at odd hours and temperaments. You know one like that right? That sharp picture of his is his Style that the world around him captures.

Latter, is what IC&SA does. It makes you a man that throws a positive and charismatic picture of him into the world he inhabits in. Image Consulting and Style Advisory is more than “boots & pants”. It is about process, a transformation, transforming men into Gentlemen.

So in a nut-shell, Image Consulting and Style Advisory guides and improvises men on the aspect of styling, grooming, etiquette's, shopping and wardrobe arrangement, which we men seldom take care of.

Someone has rightly said “You are made male by birth, a man by age, but a gentleman by choice” and we are sure that in this cut-throat-to lead world, where first impressions are ice-breakers, you really don’t want to put your image at stake, but make a “better choice”.