Styling & Grooming


Styling and Grooming help in striking the first chord to impress the crowd. Style and fashion are two entirely different facets of image building that men would always confuse to; hence we help you understand the difference.



We believe that every man is different and has his own unique style and persona. It’s the way of expressing who you are and separating yourself from others. The types of clothing may be same all around but the way of putting it together is what we call an art.

In general, there are six major men-styles that one can capture in his lens...

Classic | Dramatic |  Elegant | Natural | Romantic | Rustic

...and six major series of actions in a man’s life that he wants to capture in his lens, looking the best.

Graduation | First Job | Post Graduation | Engagement | Marriage | Professional Achievement

We at “Iam Mr.” understand and make sure to blend your profession, lifestyle, personal style and the occasion before starting with our advice. To start the consultation , we start with our two-hour advisory session, wherein we make sure that you talk the maximum and we provide you with perfect advice with a minimum talk. Our advisory would be comprehensive and addressing to what actually works best for your body type, face shape, coloring, lifestyle and occupation.



I wish the styling and clothing had done all the wonders to impress a person but gladly that’s not the case. Grooming is exactly the point where a Gentleman would differ from an ordinary man, it shows that "you care for your body and appearance". In this section we shall make you aware and guide towards basic and necessary parts of your body and personality that should be groomed periodically. Here, everything else than the clothes gets a highlight. 

Hairstyles | Make up | Accessorizing | Perfumes | Personal Hygiene | Body Posture | Diet | Exercise