Shopping & Wardrobe

“A man’s wardrobe should be like a Kingdom and his clothes His Armor.”

Men make shopping look like an alien and readily surrender buying what their mom, wife, girl-friends or that pretty sales-girl would convince them. And sadly, this apathy is the reason we don’t see a notably smart-dressed man, much often.

We at “I am Mr.” offer sensible and no-non sense advisory. We hit the dart straight to the target. We illustrate and familiarize you with colours and styles that would enhance your body-type, we offer you to build a well-coordinated wardrobe that has a mix of all clothing and then we guide you how to hit the “bull’s eye” of dressing sharp.

Guiding you throughout from your wardrobe assessment to your personal shopping, our Personal Shopper & Wardrobe Consultants pitch at…


Men’s Wardrobe Essentials | Smart Shopping | Quick-Easy trips to the Mall | Saving Time | Avoiding pushy Sales Staffs | Savior to panic buying | Bespoke Shopping | Solving Sartorial Problems | Online shopping recommendations


Our Wardrobe Assessment and Personal Shopping are scheduled either for Half Day session or a Full Day session.

Just a brief…

We believe to cure the roots rather than the trunk. So to ensure the success of our advisory we start from assessing your current wardrobe and lifestyle. During that we keep what’s worthy and donate what we thing is “just not right”. After that we make a verdict on your styling and wardrobe,  targeting to create a customized list of your “wardrobe essentials”.

Yes, we take high consideration of your budgets and bulge on your wallet, that’s where our Smart Shopping skills will help you shop with a smile.

We have categorized our Personal Shopping and Wardrobe make-over services to suit the best of your needs.


Event Shopping | Quarterly Assessment and Shopping | Monthly Review | Seasonal Changes


To know more you can just mail us and we shall be more than pleased to answer you in depth.