Let’s start with a cliché : “Time Flies, yaa”.

To be honest, NO it did not. Every day of this past year was a journey that witnessed and reminds us about the value of time, efforts, patience and not-just-give-up moments. And today we just want to thank you all out there to make this journey full of life and confidence. Especially the ones who have been there on our ups-&-downs, mentally as well as technically (yes, technology is one bitch to understand).

So let’s see what all these 365 days were about:

Best of Lifestyle by PS:

Short Story by I am Mr on June 29, 2013

CLICK: http://www.lifestylebyps.com/blogs/lifestylebyps/8235857-short-story-by-i-am-mr

Our first guest-blog article ever. Lifestylebyps, thanks a zillion for your trust and opportunity.

Best of Twitter :

Aaron Marino followed Iam Mr. on Oct 26, 2013

Thank you Aaron. It was because of those initial e-mail conversations with you that I could envisage Iam Mr., appreciate your time and concern.

Best of Clients

Sangeet event for Sumeet Singh’s on December 3, 2013

Iam Mr. selected the attire for his Sangeet event. Thanks Sumeet, for trusting us on such a crazy day of your life. Cheers.

Best of Facebook

Ankit Madhok‎ (Management Trainee at Hero Motocorp) to Iam Mr. on April 6, 2014

In his words - "Discovered this site by accident and what a happy accident it was!..Simple, precise, detailed. Amazed when information could be so simple and effective am Mr. helped me plan out my entire formal wardrobe for each day of the week with cool insights #fan #awesome #IamMr #lovedit

Thanks a lot Ankit, this means a lot to us.

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Best of Collaborations

EastDane.com on May 30, 2014

"We at EastDanehave observed iammr's growing popularity and its leading fashion authority in your community. I am writing to express interest in collaborating with iammr.in to utilize your authority and influence in fashion to broadcast our services and designers we carry for your followers."

Thanks a lot Guys.

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Best of Iam Mr. Blogs

Iam Mr. interviews an Ace Fashion Designer in the Fashion and Bollywood fraternity, DigVijay Singh on August 9, 2014.

Read More:  What does Digvijay Singh think of Menstyle in India?

Just one more time allow us to say 

"We Love You, Guys"