We usually don’t do sponsored post or advertising, unless and until we feel that that piece of article would be of value to our readers. And this time we thought we should, because dating a vegan is a crucial thing in today’s world and hey..you don’t want your meal-choice to ruin your beautiful love-chemistry, right? So here follows a quick guide on “how to date a vegan girlfriend”.

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We live times when people learn to coexist in harmony by respecting each other’s lifestyle and mindset. By understanding another person’s intentions, we broaden our horizons and become better persons. It refers to every life aspect, including even our eating habits. Considering this, a problem of vegan/non-vegan couples is growing every day, as some people are intolerant of other’s lifestyle and aspire to change them. Do you have similar problems with your girlfriend? We are going to proof that dating a vegan and living together is 100% possible. All you need is a bit more understanding and respect.

1. Discuss a problem in advance.

To eliminate all possible argues in future, discuss your food preferences and diet in advance. Eating out together when you are on a date is one thing, but cooking meal at home when you live together is completely another. Your may find out your girlfriend to be absolutely intolerant to storing and cooking animal products, so you’d better ask her about it immediately after a question “how to date a vegan” appears in your mind.

2. Organize your space in a fridge and pantry.

Divide shelves in refrigerator for animal products and vegan products. Store other products separately, but discuss which of them you both can eat. A “carnivore” can cook vegetables and other vegan food to diversify their nutrition. As a result, you also need to buy more vegan food to satisfy your and your couple’s needs. Don’t be too greedy.


3. Make a habit of cooking and eating vegan food sometimes.

The most painful problem of dating a vegan is that they cannot eat any of animal products at all while you are completely okay with consuming vegetables, greenery, tofu, soy, and all other vegan food. It puts your mate in a very awkward position. It will be a great display of respect and care if you cook for your partners and eat dishes they love. Therefore, always cook for “us”, not for “me”.

4. Cook meat last.

As a rule, every meal for meat-eaters consists of a garnish and some animal product. It is obvious that you need to avoid cooking meat and vegan meals at the same time if you are interested in how to date a vegan. Therefore, your vegan-based dishes will always be incorporated with meat so your girlfriend may eat the same dinner with you.


5. Do not be hypocritical.

Be honest with yourself and your mate. Do not underestimate a power of a frank discussion if you feel a certain discomfort. Vegan meal is extremely delicious, but there may be some products you will not like. Furthermore, they may cause allergy and digestive disorder. Everything happens, and if it takes place in your cohabitation, do not keep it inside. Tell your girlfriend everything. And please, do not pretend that you love your new diet if you literally hate it. When your mate finds you eating frankfurters in the middle of the night, there will be many questions.


6. Consider other animal products.

As a rule, most of vegetarians and vegans refuse to wear leather and furs, use products tested on animals, and care about environment in general. Before starting living together, discuss this issue if you have some leather clothes or accessories. Also divide your cosmetics properly.

7. Do not try to change your mate, love her as she is.

Problems in every couple’s relationship begin when one of them starts changing their significant one. Compulsory changes never end positive. In addition, we can’t deny the fact that some carnivores hate vegans and vice versa, so it’s better not to be involved in vegan/non-vegan relationship at all. Nevertheless, we all have our rights to live as we want according to our beliefs. When your relationship evolve, it is easier to understand each other, all the questions and argues disappear gradually. Be ready to walk in your partner’s shoes if you really want to be together.

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