We live in a world that most often glorifies or celebrates the man-hood with the adjectives like chivalry and alpha’s based on sheer aspects of external strength, fashioned mannerism and testosterone levels. It is rarely, we come across fellow-creatures that identifies a man, as a man, for his hidden sacrifices, choices and individuality. In an era, where today we men, are as much supportive to the idea of feminism or even a LGBT acceptance, we ourselves are often looked down upon for reasons and incidences that we would never want to be a part of or even be associated with. But, sadly we will always be - history leaves that scar with us. Nevertheless, we, like every other gender, need to show the world or may be just get comforted for traits which are nowhere close to muscle bulks, patriarchy or libido.

Today, let me share a tale of a male, my views on what defines us - men, which is often overlooked. Traits and qualities that would help the world around us to have a more intimate connection rather than a prejudice. If you agree or have something to share and add, leave a comment or mail me your story or incident or experience, I would love to read and respond.


We have heard people say - "A human is the average of five people closest to him/her" or a more definite one, " A man is known by the company he keeps". I totally believe in both of the phrases and hence wouldn’t care to know who coined it, but just accept. A man, and when I say a man, I would not short it down to an age bracket but yes, surely someone who has had his share of ECG's in life - over a period has befriended some, foe-d a few and estranged many. But, if you have to judge or cast your opinions about a man, look at his entourage - a bunch of people who are around him in his thick and thins, in-person or distance away. A set of people about whom he frequently mentions or takes time out to get an update of them. And simultaneously, know those people and why they are holding on to each other and you will get a better perspective of that man. After an age, a man only shares his single-malts with a few and these would be his entourage.


Nope, not about the food, but that would definitely help you know him better. I have a quote, yes I do and it goes "It is all about having a good taste". Your taste is your subconscious set of qualities that sometime even you wouldn’t be aware of but strangely the world around you notices that. A taste about the books you read, a perfume you wear, the music you listen to and lastly the political opinions you hold on to. A man is often judged before he even has a clue about the reaction but it is a fact that one can not run away with. Although, I don’t go by the opinion that taste has to be an expensive affair. At times, a simple taste - a choice of not being on social media but going out and actually connecting with people is a taste - an attribute to your personality and individuality. If one closely notices a man and his entourage, it will be visible that the latter are the results of his taste - in various genres.


I know it sounds too aesthetic or plastic for some, and we have also witnessed men with dashing robes as biggest criminals but here I am talking about those men who have shed themselves to run for their passion, their heart-calling and in the process have lost and won and lost again and conquered. A man who doesn’t dress up to show the riches or the power but to respect his self-worth and his journey. A man who doesn’t dress to impress but to express. A man's choice of wardrobe talks a lot about his comforts, his eye to details, his experiences, his taste and lastly about his individuality. A man's wardrobe talks about who lives within them, and it is often remembered.


For a lot of us men, miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone. A man who can enjoy his solitude is either a beast or a god, which is a tough trait to judge him. Hence it is often what comes from that solitude is a matter of judgement. A true value of a man and his mind is when he is alone - with his visions, aspirations and fears. A man who seeks solitude to re-fuel himself - to serve the society, the people he cares about or just to have a cool-down period before a reaction, is someone who truly values and respects his solitude. It defines that a man in not self-centric but is considerate, thoughtful and comfortable with his own self.


And a real man always acknowledges & appreciates the work of others. All the above illustratives are by Mr. Akira Sorimachi for GQ Japan & Crane Brothers. He is a renowned Japanese illustrator who has worked on various acclaimed project in the fashion industry. Follow him on Instagram: @sorimachiakira