How many times we come across men sharply dressed, head to toe in some of their expensive robes and gadgets ? A lot, right ? Instagram and Pinterest have assured us men that looking dandy isn’t about privilege but self awareness. Talking of self awareness, how many times have we come across men who is remarkably dressed but carries a bag which just kills the aura, or him per say ? That again, a lot, right?

Problem with us men is that we often shed our greens or say purple in India, with a mind-set : it should be durable, be able to stuff much and get done with what its suppose to do. An easy-peasy way to deal with a purchase that’s a one-time go, or just a bag. A man’s bag, unlike women's purses and clutches has been a neglected segment and the ones that are there, are mediocre enough to call it “carry-on”.

The way we men often decide to buy or say pick a bag is, if its a last minute call or you just need one to travel and keep things handy or else, because you bought yourself a laptop. Apart from this we barely look at this from an asset or an investment purchase. I won’t generalize though, as there are men who make sure to invest in a good messenger bag but then those too are bought out of need and to justify their professional decorum. Men, unlike women, buy the bags as:

- Cheap and for all purpose

- Cheap but professional looking

- Expensive but only for one purpose

- Expensive and professional looking

Today, here, i am just going to quickly brief you about several other aspects that can help us men buy that perfect messenger bag and make you pick the one that suits your personality the best.


Have you at times noticed a casually dressed men, someone into creatives, walking down the office with a corporate looking messenger bag and you would have suddenly questioned his expertise. Your profession and your bags has as much of connection as your visiting card and your logo. Nevertheless, its more like, your bags would talk about the kind of work you are into. Hence if you have noticed, a lot of marketing guys will have a leather bag (at times tacky) with them, as for the prime reason being that they face and represent the corporate world. It is wise to pick a bag that suits your profession, and it need not be black. For example, a designer can always opt for a classic navy blue/ tan leather bag which looks more versatile and edgy - showcasing that he is not just another work-horse.


One other major criteria is the purpose. A lot of men in the corporate are frequent-flyers who use their messenger bags for one day travel along with their tech-gadgets. But this may not be the case with few men who solely use the bags for the tech accessories. Hence the purpose behind the purchase is one good thing to take a look at or else you will just end up looking like a man carrying a sack of rice. 


How frequent are you going to use the bag ? Once a day, once a month or use it as your pillow. You really need to look at how much is the use. This shall help you define the budget you're looking at. Sturdy bags come with a price tag and they last long, whereas if you're just looking at the bag as an identity of yourself you might want to refine your budget.


Just two options to ever pick from: Canvas or Leather, latter being your first choice always unless you work from the woods, which millennials do these days. Leather fades nice and years down the line, your kids would love to flaunt them too. 


Now, this is tricky. I know a lot of you would be like "Hey, I can’t shed that much just for a laptop bag" but listen, it is purely your call and trust me when i say this, CHEAP STUFFS SHOUTS. I don't say that go for designer ones or big labels but at least pick one that is a little genuine and looks worth the efforts and energy you shred to make yourself the man you are.

With all this said and done, I here want to introduce you men (and also for your women) an amazing label for genuine leather bags that blends both, the creatives and the corporate. TRIBE -  a very much home-grown brand. Grown primarily from the frustration of finding an apt quality laptop bags in budget and with quirkiness, TRIBE comes out as a best option for picking a bag that suits each aspects mentioned above. Not just that, with some little extra bucks, they will customize you to bring out the best one to suit your taste and profession.

The founder and owner, Priya, with an extensive experience in the corporate and marketing sector, makes sure that her product reaches the consumers with top notch quality and packaging. All Tribe bags are high quality laptop bags with enough spaces and details to blend functionality with the personality. Mostly dual colored, to add that touch of drama to your outfit, Tribe bags are unisex, come with high quality fittings, zippers and buttons with customization available.

From an array of products to pick from, I picked myself something that compliments my profession as a men-style consultant and a menswear designer. Something that is dandy enough but still looks professional. For me black was never an option, hence I chose a navy leather bag with tan brown details. The quilted exterior with brown stitch, brown handles and gold zipper made the combination as perfect as I could ask for. Furthermore, I am someone who travels with a lot of tech-gadgets and luckily, the bag has enough space for each of them plus additional books.

I understand that not all of us are so keen or cautious while buying something like a bag for laptop, but next time when you plan to, look it as an investment, something that amplifies your over all personality.

Below is the link to get yourself your customised genuine leather bag for your personal and professional looks. Have a look and surely it wont be a wrong choice to pick.

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