"You can best teach character on playing field, using Sports to teach life lesson."

-Jim Thompson

And we think Sports is all about physical fitness.

Honestly, I have hardly played one sport dedicatedly throughout my life. But today, I feel I should have stick to one and played it religiously - not to represent my country at Olympics, not to win medals and awards but to understand life in a better way. A sport is one such activity that teaches you something beyond the classroom academics. It makes you a Man. Recently, I started to dedicate myself and my schedule’s one hour to play Squash. Not because it’s a classy game but because with a limited circle of friends I have it becomes easy to hunt down one friend and convince him/her to accompany me.

At 30, you often find it hard to play a sport which requires a group of people as players and participants. For instance, football –you will actually need a lot of co-ordination and time management to bring all of them together and play the game. One thing you learn in doing this is time and people management but it becomes a task at certain point and difficult to make the sport your regime.

Squash racquets_iammr

So, SQUASH. What this game teaches me personally:  perseverance, concentration, judgement, speed and most importantly to be in a box but still be smart enough to score. Health-wise, it helps me burn more calories than I would at a gym and gives my body enough stretching than I would get at aerobics. So practically it saves time. 

squash sports_iammr


  • Over 20 million squash players participate in the sport regularly worldwide in over 185 countries.
  • The number 1 ranked female player is from Malaysia and the number 1 ranked male player is from Egypt.
  • A Forbes study announced that squash is the best sport for getting and staying fit. On average, a player burns about 750 calories per hour.
  • It is ideal for urban lifestyles, of the kind that have generated increases in child obesity and other metabolic health issues.
  • The fact that both players share the same court space means that in competition, they have to co-exist. This unique feature of our game teaches valuable lessons of friendship and friendly rivalry.
  • It is an all-weather activity – as it’s an indoor sport, weather conditions don’t prevent you from playing.

Few other similar sports to give a try at 30:


Kick Boxing:


Kickboxing is a group of stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, historically developed from karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Western boxing.


  • Patience
  • Self-confidence
  • Discipline
  • Self-defense
  • General fitness
  • Stamina Building
  • Concentration
  • Reflex - Accuracy



A sport played with rackets in which a shuttlecock is hit back and forth across a net.


  • Team work
  • Self-confidence
  • Physical fitness
  • Fighting obesity
  • Flexibility
  • Reflex-Accuracy
  • Mental health

Billiards/ Snooker:


A game for two people played on a billiard/ Snooker table, in which the balls are struck with cues into pockets round the edge of the table. Not technically a sport-sport, but serves with benefits. Primarily played for improving mental health.


  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Self-confidence
  • Helps build focus
  • Burns calories
  • Stretching and balancing
  • Sharpens hand-eye coordination


Roller Skating_iammr

It is skating on a hard surface other than ice with roller skates. It is a form of recreational activity as well as a sport.


  • Self-confidence
  • Endurance
  • Tolerance
  • Low-impact exercise for joints
  • High caloric burn
  • Aerobically as good as jogging or cycling
  • Involves all the major muscle groups, hence good for weight control
  • Mentally uplifting



Do share with me your stories about sports and how has it helped you grow as a man. Or just tell us if you loved reading this article.