I remember the days when a haircut for men was just about getting the length short and facial-grooming meant a quick face-wash with a splash of after-shave. Interesting how the word globalization has changed the whole idea about going to a salon. Today, haircut is more about looking stylish and smart whereas facial grooming is about having a clear skin tone and hygiene. Hence to give a quick word on “how much grooming is too much” I would like to throw some pointers that might help you to stay in your limits both, in terms of saving your masculine image and your pocket dent. So to have a clear picture I want to divide the grooming aspects into two parts: STYLE & HYGIENE.


Shaving: Acceptability of facial hair has become common these days, and hence a must would be to take the best care of that, hygienically as well as in terms of aesthetic. Learn to shave and trim. Invest in a good razor unless you are planning to go back and hunt like an Ape. A man with a razor-cut is a normal thing but one must learn how to tackle it. Moist the skin before the shave, warm the blades in hot water and aftershave the face. Its simple and basic.

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Over-do: Unless you are a thug or a rock band artist, avoid giving a fancy design on your beard or tying a knot down there. Put your creativity into your work and not your facial hair.

Skincare: A lot of grooming products have bifurcated their skincare products for a men-skin type, which usually is rough and multi-tone. Learning about your skin type is essential and consulting a dermatologist is a good option. Avoid using too many products at the same time. For an easy step, scrub your face twice a week, use cleansing milk and toner once a week and to keep the skin intact and healthy use and appropriate face wash on a daily basis. You don’t need to visit your salon every week for these easy steps.


Over-do: Using too many products at the same time, bleaching your face and most importantly using products used by your sisters/ mother or girlfriend.

Haircut: I often hear people saying that they got this cool haircut but it still looks pathetic. The reason is because you are a sheep and are following the flock. Learn your face shape, relate it to a famous personality with a similar face cut and then get a haircut where people loved his look. This is an easy way to save you from mockery. Also it is very important to stick to one barber, just like your family doctor. It is because he is aware of your hair quality and type and would hence move his scissors accordingly.

Over-do: Patterns and design on the hair-cut, no matter how emotionally attached you are to that particular team. Growing long hair and not taking a proper care.  


Pedicure-Manicure: Yes, it sounds girly isn’t it? But accept it, we are living in an era where being hygienic is not an option but a necessity. I understand a lot of men feel shy in visiting their salon and asking for this services but a fortnight meeting with your hands and feet might make you look like someone who is responsible. A good nail-cutter, warm water and a moisturizer is all you would need to get this done by yourself in your bathroom, away from all the disapproving minds.


Manscaping: Yes, pretty much similar to landscaping and moving a mover in the lawn but here the grass is your body-hair. Trim those unwanted hair peeking from the areas that ruin your style-quotient. Trim your armpits at appropriate time, which should not be when someone points a stare at the sleeves. If you are too hairy and find it hard to understand what should be done, use a trimmer/clipper for the areas like: legs, arms, shoulder, chest and even the private parts. Trimming body hair is not a taboo but a sense of politeness towards the society. A body trimmer dedicated for this use is and apt investment.


Men-waxing has created a lot of interest in men lately, from film-stars to athletes to body builders, everyone seems to undergoing that. And honestly, although it is pretty much about choice, it is recommended that if you are too hairy, waxing is a better option. The care one needs to take here is that once trimmed at waxed for the first time, one needs to be regular in their waxing schedules to avoid pain and rashes.


" As written for and published by 

B Positive Magazine 

for their April '2015 Issue"

This post has been written by Hardik Gandhi, who is style adviser just-for-men and the founder of this site:  I am Mr

He is a frequent contributor to the magazine writing about  the aspects of men styling-grooming, wardrobe shopping and management. 

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