Women are more influenced by how a man smells, than how he looks.
— Anonymous

It would need a tough evidence to prove this sentence wrong but easier to facilitate men to smell better. Every man has a signature perfume that he, if allowed, would take it to the grave. More than the smell or the fragrance, the reason a man is attached to a particular smell is because it speaks about his personal style and persona. Personally we find the luxury brands like Tom Ford, Paco Rabanne One Million and Acqua Di Gio as some of the best investments in the smell-good industry. But then, they are expensive and a luxury which  might dent your wallets on and off. Hence, it is not at all a bad idea to go for fragrances that not only smells as good as your personality but makes sure you save enough to go on a great date wearing it.

Yes, we are reviewing a fragrance brand here today - ALL GOOD SCENTS. 

It all started with a graduate degree in chemistry followed by a full-time diploma to study perfumery, where Rajiv Sheth, the Nose & the Creative Director of  All Good Scents (A venture of Just Scents Pvt. Ltd) decided to give a shot in the fragrance industry.

All Good Scents is a Gujarat, precisely Ahmedabad based venture who are not only creating world-class perfumes but changing the way this top-notch luxury industry works. Having priced at the most affordable rate yet without any compromise in the quality, these guys are surely to give tough competition to the likes of Park Avenue, Raymond’s and similarly ranged perfumes.


So, with the most humblest request All Good Scents asked me, if I could review their products, and like always I mentioned that yes I would but only if I find it worthy. Rest is history.

Having used the likes of Acqua Di Gio and Joop, I am more of a smooth and sweet smelling personality. Musk and Spice don’t suit my style. Hence, I chose to ask them for delivering me their ARISE from the EAU DE TOILETTE segment and FREE from their ESSENTIALS FOR HIM segment.

The reason I chose these was because both of the fragrances had the citric top-notes that accentuates the sense of freshness in a good smelling perfume.

Oh, what are top-notes, you ask?

Practically, every perfume come with typically 3 notes: TOP, HEART & BASE notes. All the notes has a different mix of ingredients and their fragrance depends upon the application of the perfume and the number of hours passed after applying it.  

Check the images below to get a quick idea.

So, how was my experience you may ask? Keep reading..



Top Notes           Orange, Grapefruit, Pepper

Heart Notes    Patchouli, Rose Bay, Geranium Leaves

Base Notes         Benzoin, Vetiver, Atlas Cedar

With a quick spray one can get an understanding that ARISE is a wear-to-date fragrance.  With a strong Orange and Pepper smell on the first sniff, this fragrance gradually goes to a smoother level giving it a calmer yet a sensual touch with the Atlas Cedar.



Top Notes           Lemon, Mandarin, Sweet Lime

Heart Notes       Cyclamen, Freesia, Marine Notes

Base Notes         Cedar, Patchouli, Oak Moss

This is a day-wear kind of smooth and liberating fragrance. Fresh and youthful, this fragrance has a constant smell throughout, but if you are one hell of a sniffer, cedar would get your nose over the end of the day. A good office-wear kind of perfume that is not too loud yet makes its mark, right there.



Always buy a fragrance that suits and elevates your personality. It is not that tough. Open your closet and see the kind of clothes you wear on a daily basis. If your wardrobe shouts tees and jeans or more casual outfit go for a fragrance with top-notes that are more citric. If suits and formals is what makes your daily wear, chose a smell that’s classic – spicy and musk.


There are three simplest way to apply a perfume.

  1. Not clothes but on body. Apply the cologne to your pulse points. Primarily at the points that generate heat. Wrist and behind the ears are two best places to apply.
  2. Chest is one good option if you are a free-hug-giveaway person.
  3. Neck is again one point which a men should not forget while applying the perfume, if he is sure to go intimate that night. Don’t apply too much or it will make the area oily and non-kissable.
  4. Use deo-sticks and not perfumes for under-arms swearing and smelling good..
  5. Of all the above, limitise the spots where you would want to use. For instance, if you are applying on wrist, chose chest/ neck as the other and only spot.


Mr. Rajiv Sheth - Creative Director 

Mr. Rajiv Sheth - Creative Director 

1.ALLGOODSCENTS, a quick story behind it? 

 ALL GOOD SCENTS is the first contemporary perfume house that has gone beyond the traditional and local elements of India and brought the most celebrated fragrances from around the world. Currently we have 14 fragrances for men and women & three variants of scented candles in the brand. Apart from retailing online via our own website; www.allgoodscents.com we are also available on most of the major online portals in India. 

Being an online brand, one of the major hurdles of evaluating fragrances by customers, we have overcome with our innovative concept of SCENTBOX, whereby a customer can choose any 3 fragrances to sample from our collection for INR 165 with free delivery. Hence the customer has enough time to try them out at their convenience and select the most suited one for them.

2. So, do you manufacture all the products in INDIA? 

All our fragrances are created and made in France. The entire manufacturing process and filling of the eau de toilettes and eau de perfumes are done in India.

3. Fragrance and Perfumes is a niche market, how is the competition like?

We aim to be India’s first contemporary perfume house brand. Currently we are exclusively available online. The perfumery market in India is not very segmented and a lot of unbranded, mass market products are available. In addition, a large section of people use body sprays and deo’s as perfumes. This could be due to economic reasons or also lack of perfumery awareness. Hence today, our competition is all international perfume brands & local body spray, body mist and deo brands.

allgoodscents_perfume for men_iammr

4. One thing that, ALLGOODSCENTS is proud about of their product?

“Premium quality at pocket friendly prices - Affordable luxury”  

Also the eau de toilette and eau de perfumes range of ALL GOOD SCENTS has a large variety, a fragrance choice for everyone. The fragrances are modern international scents with a touch of the Indian soul. These fragrances are created and made in France and are of very high quality with a long lasting effect.


5. What’s next in store? Body Splash/ Body Mist is something a lot of men are looking at, any plans to venture in that segment?

We plan on expanding our fragrance category & also add line extensions in the most popular fragrances. For men, we will be adding after shave lotions as line extensions of a few eau de toilettes. There are new fragrances also planned.

6.I loved your ARISE, which one is your best-selling one for men? -

Men Top 3: Urbane Nights , Free & Arise

7. How did you find www.iammr.in, and what made you reach out to us?- 

Researching online on the Indian Male bloggers in Fashion & Beauty industry.


"I tried ARISE on the day I received it. It was a movie night with a friend and as soon as I stepped in the car, she said you smell great. I guess that's enough as a verdict. But on a sincere note, if you are someone who prefers to smell good all the time and believes that the luxury perfumes are for special occasions only, ALLGOODSCENTS is one for you. Pocket-friendly, good smell and still as classy."