It’s an unsaid fact that each staple garment has a country attached to it if not that then they have a culture that reflect in that garment. For instance, a double breasted suit is majorly linked to the mafia’s of 40’s or to those Wall Street money-minds of 80’s, in both case showcasing their giant egos and stature. Similarly there are Jeans, basically originated from the city of Genoa in Italy, this garment was designed for miners to bear the rough, wear-tear weather conditions, Today, both of this, the double breasted suit or the jeans have gone a step up and rather than a daily wear it a part of top-notch fashion design industry.

If one was to ask about the best denims/jeans made today across the world, it would not be a surprise to hear United States of America as an answer. But very few or only the major fashion-fanatics would differ to that answer. They might arguably put Sweden as their answer and would still score the marks. Yes, SWEDEN. In the 60’s when one was unable to afford or buy the US manufactured Levi’s or Lee, a Swedish brand Gul & Blå by Lars Knutsson created a cult, a rage of providing the youth with the most desired garment in the wardrobe –The Denims. Today it is still one of the most popular brand in the country. From brands like Nudie Jeans, H&M and Acne, Sweden has grown into providing the best denim in the world. Swedish fashion has marked their territory in providing world best denim and created a niche for themselves. With these commercial brands flourishing and making an impact in the commercial market, there are also many studio-house designers/ brands that make world-class denims with the finest fit and quality as their major USP.

One such brand that I came across is called SVENSSON. A non-conventional brand ran within a studio in Sweden, this brand was an eye-catcher while browsing through East Dane. The prime reason being the colour of the fabric and the stitch. Usually one does not get a quick idea about the fabric while e-shopping but if you have at any given day worn an authentic jeans and allowed it to age maturely, you will know where to focus on while buying online. Coming back to SVENSSON, I got myself their authentic Jeans : Magnus Thure Jeans.

At first, if you open up the packaging and take the jeans in hand, you might be confused if you got yourself a ready-made one or a tailored. The fit and feel of the jeans is so customized and handmade that it is tough to get notice the difference. Honestly, with that feeling in mind, I was too skeptical about trying it. I kept my fingers crossed wishing that the investment doesn’t go wrong. And BANG…the moment I wore it I got that feeling – the feeling of stiff Denim fabric and that hugging my butt and thighs just too apt, mainly the way I wanted them to fit. This jeans, manufactured in Italy, did justice to the birth-place of the garment in the most subtle and classic way. 

I feel that the soul of Swedish design and style lie in its simplicity minimalism and a top notch quality at reasonable prices. In fact it would not be wrong to say that these qualities in a Swedish brand makes it the most popular form of contemporary cultural expression.

The Denim:

Honestly, it a completely tailored look-n-feel garment. The denim (yes, i mean the fabric) is soft, light-weight and most importantly of a good quality. It is not as stiff as a raw denim but gives a similar feel on the first go. It is made up of 11 oz. 98% cotton and 2% elastan (a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity). Being a selvedge jeans, it has the typical inseam that we find in those traditional selvedge jeans.

 The  Fit:

I would neither term it as narrow or skinny fit. It is highly comfortable at the waist and butt with a slim fall until the knees and later a comfort fall till the ankle. The elastan in the denim and button-fly in the jeans gives enough stretch and comfort when one sits. Large back packets and wider front pockets add to the fit and the look giving space to chuck in enough stuff in your pockets and still look your best

With a pleasing experience to add one SVENSSON garment into my wardrobe, I took a chance to interview Mr. Matias of the SVENSSON Brand. Read below his answers to get more insight into the brand.


Svensson, what’s history like? How did an idea turn into reality?

Me and my elder brother Mariano Leone started running clubs and concerts in the late 90's. After some years we got tired of the night life and wanted to do something more important, bigger. By that time we were doing jobs for other magazines, but felt that our ideas weren't really coming through, so we decided to start our own magazine, Svensson. Svensson magazine captured ideas and movements of that time in Malmö, Sweden. We interviewed interesting people whether they were famous or just a close friend. In 2005 we opened our first Svensson shop, which was a creative studio, gallery and boutique. That same year we developed our first pair of Svensson Jeans.

Were there any major hurdles to start a brand like Svensson where the world today is drooling on international brand tags?

I don't think it's hard to start a brand, but to keep going year after year, searching for something that you might not be sure of what it is, can be tough. Finding manufacturers and people to work with that share your values is also a difficult part.

Your denims looks tailored, I mean the stitch as well as the fit, not everyone might like that. What’s your say on that?

I like clothes that highlights the one who wears them and what they do. Our clothes are toned-down, so that you don't have to be.

Your denims – Magnus Thure, whats with the name?

It's a great guy who helped us out when we started. He was also a regular in our first shop.

The collection on Svensson is classy yet contemporary, what is “So Swedish” about your products that you would be proud of?

We were born in Buenos aires, Argentina, but we grew up in Sweden and we produce in Italy. I think our products are Swedish and cosmopolitan, I'm proud of making a product that can change identity depending on who wears it.

I personally loved the denim, what would be the top 3 Svensson garment that you would recommend my readers for this Autumn-Fall?


“ I am a fan of Raw Selvedge Jeans, more because its stiffness over a period takes the shape of your body and makes you feel like its just another layer of skin covering the souls. After I got myself the Nudie Jeans, I was sure that I am not buying any denim that gives me that feeling. Svensson, has it’s own charm to it. The fabric is stiff and the stitch is like a tailored denim but with a commercially manufactured look. The waistline and hips fit the best. The typical selvedge pattern inside the denim gives it an authentic look of a jeans that is bound to last year’s long. I would say, go for this particular brand that is pleasant on wallet as well as on the body. I highly recommend their collection to mainly: designers, artists, band-artist and architects who prefer minimal yet chic style.”