Monday Massacre:

Meetings (planned and unplanned), Lunch with Clients & Business travel are the major ingredients of the Monday, served hot and grilled. So how to make the day a smart and effortless one in terms of all the running around?

Formal shoes are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Typically there are 2 types of formal footwear’s that one should dress-up with: Oxfords (for the corporate) & Double-Monks strap (for the creative ones).

Oxfords: Lace-ups, with “closed lacing”, with or without an extra covering on toe-cap, constructed of a single piece of leather. Widely found in Black, Brown and Tan colours.

Double Monks Straps: No laces but buckles, usually with an extra covering on toe-cap. Seeks attention and looks dapper. Found in various colours and fabrics such as suede. Safe bet is to get a brown or black ones.

Quick Tip: Socks are more than an essential piece of attire. Add colours and pattern to those knits to make a style statement and break the monotonous formal code.

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