Monday Massacre:

Today, the Monday would be beyond clothes and style. I want to talk something beyond the aesthetics, YesGrooming & Hygiene. We often clad ourselves in the most expensive clothes forgetting the basics. Any flawless attire can still go wrong if you don’t smell right or, that one night-over with your girl at your apartment can be your last one if she gets a sneak-peek at your filthy towel. To make sure everything falls in right place, allow me to share few pieces of essential from my wardrobe and explain you the need to have them, and use them. 



Need: for personal hygiene and to share it with your girlfriend/ wife without being questioned.

Material: 100% Cotton, should be extremely soft, plush and very absorbent.

Care: Machine wash. Do not bleach. Wash once every 3 days. Drying in the sun would keep it fresh and warm.

How many to own: Minimum 2

Brand I use: Welspun (shown here)



Need: for personal hygiene and for undressing with confidence anywhere you need, at the pool or while sneaking away from unexpected parents-raid at your girlfriends house.

Material: Nothing but 100% Cotton and soft elastic without tacky badges on the inside. Keep the prints simple unless you have a pre-planned fun-time scheduled.

Care: Wash daily. Adding a 3 drops of Dettol would clean it up better.

How many to own: at least 7

Brand I use: Hanes (shown here) & Jockey



Need: to smell fresh through-out the day and open up your arms to that special one without being too scared.

Type: Prefer a deo-stick (rub-on) than a spray. It’s not only long lasting but keeps your skin moisturized.

Care: Use one that is suitable to your skin. Select a fragrance that is fresh and manly. Use never other than the armpits.

How many to own: as per use, usually one stick lasts for a month or month and a half.

Brand I use: Gillette (shown here) and Old Spice.



Need: to stay shower-fresh all day long and to motivate her for a morning adventure (yes that’s exactly what I meant, now read further)

Type: nothing too strong like an after-shave and too mild as a deodorant.

Care: Use it only and only on skin and not clothes. And remember it’s a splash so don’t shower it too much. Choose one with good oil content.

How many to own: 2 of different fragrance, if you are some who hates being constant.

Brand I use: Marks & Spencer (shown here)



Need: to style up your best look and to make sure you look younger and glam than your counterpart.

Type: As per your hair type and style. I use pomade for my undercut or pompadour cut and mat-wax for rough look.

Care: Invest in a quality product. Make sure you consult your hairstylist and Dermatologist before buying any hair product as wrong product can affect your skin too.

How many to own: as per use, usually one stick lasts for a month or month and a half.

Brand I use: Muk Australia  – mud pomade & L'Oreal Homme 4 Mat Matte Sculpting Pomade (shown here)




Need: to mark your identity as a perfect finisher and  boast of having a squad with excellent sniffers.

Type: Typically the content of oil determines how long the fragrance would last, so while you select the one you like – do check the oil content

Care: Do not apply on clothes, apply a dab behind your ears, a bit on the wrist and a splash on the throat. Never over-spray.

How many to own: I would say 2 – one for the DAYTIME and other for the EVENING.

Brand I use: "F" by Ferragamo pour Homme for the Day (shown here) & Paco Rabanne One Million for the Night.


DOPP KIT ( also called Wash-Bag)

Need: to store your grooming tools for travel and to make sure that you prefer style even in the bathrooms.

Type: Exterior may be of Canvas, Nylon or Leather but make sure the Interior is poly fabric that is highly water-proof.

Care: Keep it clean and hygienic, if there’s a spill-off inside the bag – wash it and dry it well under the sun. Clean once every 2 month if you are a frequent traveller.

How many to own: 1 or 2, if you are high-profile socialite, I recommend you go for leathers one’s rather than canvas.

Brand I use: Herschel Supply Co. (shown here)

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