As the whole world is going loud about the Father’s Day, I too got an urge to be a part of it, and grab the opportunity to thank and be proud of someone who has made me what “I am”. But I would not want to thank him for the social responsibilities that he bestowed but more on how he allowed me to live my life and my dreams, my way.

A boy born and raised in the city of Bangalore and turned to be a Gentleman gradually had seen and done lot in his life. From flying gliders to being a president of his university, he had tried everything and excelled. A hard-core hitter in his company’s cricket team to the most efficient employee of the company, he chose to be the best in everything where he invested his time.

I remember when I was a kid and he would bring me nothing but fancy clothes and shoes from his work-trips, from moccasins to printed shirts, he had an eye for all sorts of style. He loved to dress me up good and smart. But always made me aware that nothing comes easy and there are no free lunches. When asked what he missed the most today and he replies “Your Mom”. An eternal love and respect they shared for each other which made me understand why and how one should respect the females around you, whatever age they may be.

And gradually when I grew up and where my “teen” distanced me from him I realised that I was changing. But he embraced this change, he gave me the space to breathe and discover the life I would prefer, the liberty to run for my dreams and my aspirations. He pushed me to be free and independent.


Today, I don’t think I have made him much proud but I am sure he is happy enough to see that I have grown to be a man with a sense of personal and individual outlook to life. This article here is to him. Mr. S M Gandhi, the only man in my life whom I respect and look upon. Happy Father’s Day Dad…Love you for any and everything….

 So guys, how are you planning to thank your Dad, a dinner? A watch? a novel? Or maybe just a good-time together.

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