Everyone's desperately waiting for the fate of India, tremendously depended on the LokSabha election 2014. Now here where every parties are making a run for themselves and their victory, killing the opponents mercilessly, " I am Mr." too decided to put some efforts to be a part of this critical and curious Vote-athon, but focusing on the aspects of image and styling.

In India many political leaders have always been known for their distinctive dressing styles. Whether it is famous Nehru Jacket, Rajiv Gandhi's embroidered Kashmiri shawls, Sonia Gandhi's ethnic hand spun Indian saris from Chanderi and Maheshwari, Shashi Tharoor's extravagent personality and lifestyle or even the famous "NaMo Kurta". These politicians did influence an entire generation of young politicians to groom themselves better.

Here are few case-studies and analysis in brief on our selected politicians from “I am Mr.” and how important one's Personal Image is along with the political parties they pitch for.

Politician 1: Shri. Narendra Modi

Political Party: Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)

Position: Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Age: 63


Shri. Narendra Modi has been one politician to embrace change and bring change. From developments in
Gujarat to his fancy stylish kurta, he has been in news for everything.


  • Changed his Personal Image & Style over the years.
  • Brought the color of political party (saffron/ orange/ kesari) on the ensemble of his attire
  • Wears not just the suits but accessorizes it with smart pocket square and cravats.
  • Mostly keeps the attire traditional/ political by wearing khadi kurta but experiments with color.

Body Language & Gestures:

  • Showcases confidence in his speech and vocal-tone.
  • Keeps his finger pointed to sky – showcasing the aspiration to reach the limits.
  • While addressing the crowd throws both his hands to the crowd – showcasing consideration and progress of all kinds of people.

I am Mr. Verdict:

  • The open-minded and willingness to embrace the change in his attire and styling creates a feeling of “change and newness” in the citizen.
  • The acceptance to wear suits and accessories like the ministers of western countries creates a global image.
  • The confident body language creates faith and trust.

Politician 2: Shri. Shashi Tharoor

Political Party: Indian National Congress

Position: Minister of State for Human Resource Development,

Age: 57

Shashi Tharoor1.JPG

Author, United Nations peace-keeper, refugee worker, human rights activist, Minister of State for Human Resources Development, an elected member of the Indian Parliament and a former Minister of State for External Affairs, Dr. Shashi Tharoor has been filling his plates with lots of cuisines.


  • Versatile in his attires: from suits to Nehru jackets to Jodhpuris, he flaunts all.
  • Clean shaved, suave looks.                                                                                                                                           
  • Wear all kinds of color.
  • Well shaped sunglasses as per face-shape.

Etiquette (Online)

  • An active social media person with active twitter accounts and blogs
  • Responds to the supporters, opposition party leader and fans.

Body Language & Gestures:

  • Showcases friendliness with his smiling personality
  • His smile and social media presence makes the crowd feel he is approachable and worth talking to.
  • Being a well-read person, he keeps himself updated of what is happening around the world and shares his views – showcasing concern.

I am Mr. Verdict:

  • A well dressed and suave image created a sense of authority and responsibility
  • Being Tech-savvy person, he is readily acceptable to the youth
  • Smiling and pleasing personality makes him portray as a friendly leader whom a normal person can relate to.
  • An excessive versatile personality and his personal life easily noticeable by the media makes his image volatile.


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