Because it is still summer or say spring but it’s still crazy hot and thus I chose this Dusk Blue for the wardrobe.

This is a total Bespoke trouser, and yes, as you see it has a button-fly and not a zip-fly, the reason being - it is usually seen as a sign of quality on a more expensive suit. Also, when sitting down, it results in a better line on the crotch of the pants than a zipper avoiding any bulging. Also the buttons are more flexible and might save you from the usual nightmare of people eyeing on your meat then your eyes.

Now, regarding the selection of colour, this Dusk Blue trouser suffices the idea of bringing the calmness to the wardrobe. For the love of blue that I have, this also caters to that fancy of mine.

What-to-wear with such unique colour: Dusk Blue goes well with traditional whites or blacks in cotton and linen. One can try the Glacier grey, Treetop green or even Marsala (shade close to pale red and brown). For those like to experiment paisley prints or floral prints in above mentioned colours would also look dapper.

Accessories: Make sure the outfit is clubbed with tan or brown leather accessories (mainly shoes and belt) as black would just make you look sloppy and unfashionable.

Tips: When wearing an offbeat colour trousers and not wanting to go sock-less, choose a fancy pair of socks that has a tinge of your trousers’ colour in it.  

So to quickly brush you through the brands in the picture, here’s what we have:

Trousers: R.K. Tailors, Ahmedabad (INDIA)

Shoes: Knotty Derby from Myntra

Watch: Komono from EastDane

Socks: AllenSolly - INDIA

Belt: Dockers

Calendar: ThreeDotDesigns, INDIA

Wallet: Jack-Spade from EastDane

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