“Young Adults”, is an interesting yet contradicting term. Young is a youth – colourful, vibrant, risky and spontaneous whereas Adult on the other side is – calm, stable, continual and mature. Usually age range from 18-24 is what can be termed as “Young Adults”. Firstly, it is really important to understand why a “young adult” should care about his appearance, reasons being:

  1. It is a competitive world today and apart from your resume, its only your personal appearance that will make you stand apart.
  2. It will help you develop a mind-frame that you care for yourself and are sincere towards your life and its goals.
  3. It will allow your superiors to see you in a perspective that college or your new job is not just a part of life but a result of your hard work and perseverance.
  4. And the most important aspect of dressing well and looking sharp is that you never know what opportunities you meet, hence it is better to be well prepared, all-the-time.

So, today I am writing about, how can you simplify understanding this range of age group and can style-groom in a better way – not to rule the world but to LEAD the world.


18-24: A journey from a boy to a man.

Characteristics of an individual: Energetic, Adventurous, colourful, experimental

Negative traits: trend-follower, tries hard to blend in the crowd

Opportunity: to develop a long lasting individual style

18-24 : Mostly individuals in their academic years or on threshold of professional life.


  • Find your perfect style, for example do you like colourful outfits or monochromes, do you like layering your outfits with a scarf or a jacket or you just like a plain shirt.
  • Don’t think about the crowd but your personal choices; go for outfits that make you confident.
  • Once you know what your style is about start experimenting with it and build a wardrobe around it.
  • Try shortlisting on a colour that you love and looks best on you or a style of shirt or trouser that makes your body look the best.
  • Wear colors that enhance your body type, skin tone, face-type and hair color. For example:
  1. Body Type: Rectangle Body frame - Aim to wear an outfit that accentuate your shoulders and slim down at torso, making it look narrow.
  2. Skin Tone: Light Brown – Try wearing outfits that are Golden undertone/ Rusty Colours like Cocoa, Olive, Brown, Khaki, Burnt Orange, Navy.
  3. Face shape: Round – avoid wearing frames that are round in shape, go for sharp rectangular frames like Wayfarers.

TIP: At this age, shortlist few care-takers like a tailor, hairstylist and a doctor and keep them for life.


  • Keep your wardrobe lively and full, which allows you to experiment to the edge.
  • Make sure you have at least one tailored suit either in black, grey or navy.
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Start investing in key styling pieces: A watch, a sunglass and a wallet.

TIP: Try to go for made-to-measure outfits as much as possible, not only it will fit you well but will highlight your best body parts.


  • Again, being a college-going individual one constantly experiments with the hairstyle and facial hairs, do that but try to conclude on one style that suits you.
  • In a professional life, opt for a hairstyle that’s 2-faced: classy at the work and fun at the bar.
  • Buy grooming products that are rich in minerals and protein and not just chemical based.
  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water, at this age your body, skin and hair needs the most nutrition.

TIP: Find a celebrity that has a face-cut like yours and see which of his hairstyle you liked the most, this way you will get an understanding of what hair-cut to have.

Inter-personal Skills:

  • Find your interests and invest in good books that help you grow in that interest apart from the professional life.
  • Dedicate yourself to one sport that you like the most. Not only it makes you stay fit but will keep your blood circulation in place.
  • Travel. In these years of life, not only you have the energy but time to explore places and people. Travelling helps you to understand the world with a better perspective.

TIP: Develop and focus on one hobby of yours. You never know when that can become your full time job/ business.




This post has been written by Hardik Gandhi, who is style adviser just-for-men and the founder of this site:  I am Mr

He is a frequent contributor to the magazine writing about  the aspects of men styling-grooming, wardrobe shopping and management. 

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