We men have limitations and inhibitions on several decisions of ours. For instance, Vodka is a girly drink or a pink shirt would look too feminine. Today, I am writing to all you men about one such thought, accessorising. A lot of men have a fear of wearing accessories. Some, because they think it’s too jazzy for their work-profile whereas some, because they think its just-not-necessary. Honestly, I defer and might help you today to reconsider accessorising and flaunt it in a better way – for work, for fun or just because world needs more sharp men. It is really important to understand, that today people look for details in an over-all outfit rather than just a generic effort to dress well.

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In this article, I am writing about accessories beyond cuff-links and tie, accessories that will make sure you are not just an ordinary guy in the league.


Every one of us owns at least one tie, how shabby or dated it might be, but we still have one dying in our closet drawers. To have a quick touch-base about the tie, below are few points to consider while buying/ wearing a tie that might help you replace that old neck-belt.

A wide torso or a huge-belly: go for a wider tie

A slim-straight body: go for narrow/slim tie

On a plain shirt: go for a contrast color tie or one with patterns

On a check shirt: always wear a plain/single color tie (Safe-tip: select tie color that matches any one color from the check pattern)


Now coming to the “Tie-bars”. We all have seen what tie-bar is but frankly, have never bothered to understand the need of having one. Tie-bar is not only a sign of elegance but is also a tool that keeps your tie in place, and intact. It is used to stick your shirt to the tie so that your tie doesn’t go swinging like Tarzan-in-the-jungle. So, continue reading to know how-to-flaunt a tie-bar and about all the details to take care off while wearing this tiny little piece of sophistication.


Practically it should cover 3/4th part of the width of your tie, no matter if it is a slim or wide tie.

Position while wearing:

While there are lot of rules around on how one should position this piece in the ensemble, I personally follow the nipple-line. Place it just below the imaginary line joining the nipples.


On a usual basis, anything in silver, gold or chrome looks dapper.

Occasions to wear:

Wedding, Corporate meetings, Gala Dinner, Business Meet.


  • Check that your bar is not clipped so hard that it crumbles your shirt and tie.
  • I recommend you to wear your personal tie and then choose an appropriate tie-bar.
  • Always make sure that your tie-bar is perpendicular to your tie.
  • For a monochrome dressing, a colored tie-bar would just add a bit of flair to the outfit and make you stand-out of crowd. Nowadays you get a variety of designer tie-bars with prints and motifs, good for style-freak individuals.
  • Never over-do with a tie-bar. And never wear it while wearing a waistcoat.
  • Select a good quality tie-bar.


Like any other major style-trends across the fashion fraternity, suspenders are also a welcome-back accessory in the men’s wardrobe from the 19th century. We all remember how our grandpa worn one of these and how a gentleman walking by the Wall Street made us curious about those belt. Widely used as a shoulder-belt to hold-hang ones trouser and to portray a sartorial image in the past, today suspenders is an accessory for dapper looking men. It is one of the versatile accessories, like bow-ties that can be worn on formal attire or just casual denim.


Y-type & X-type


Buttoned & Clipped


Usually, Leather or Elastic

Fabric Style:

Solid colored or Patterned


For a man with a height between 5’ to 6’ a suspender size between 42” to 46” is apt

Occasions to wear:

Office wear, Business Meet, Black-tie Event, Date night or just-like-that.


  • The Buttoned Suspenders are specifically designed for sartorial dressing hence if you want to flaunt one of that; you will need a good tailor to stitch or alter the trousers accordingly.
  • The Clipped Suspenders are usually a casual type and can be purchased off the stores and worn either with a formal trouser, chinos or even denims for that matter.
  •  Never ever wear suspender with a waist-belt.
  • Don’t buy a suspender just looking at the colors but also try on before buying. They are not one-size-fits all.
  • For a refreshing look, try belts with patterned fabric and clips/loops with leather.


Collar bar, collar barbell or collar pin, whatever you call them as, they are the most dapper looking accessory in a man’s wardrobe. Like the suspenders this stylish element was also a part of 19th century gentlemen outfit. Functionally it is used to hold two tips of the collar in a dress (usually termed as formal) shirt together so that the knot of the necktie juts-out appropriately. Today this small piece of style is enough to shout-out that you care for each little details in your outfit and assures that you are distinctly different than the mediocre ones.

The most interesting thing about a collar bar is that it is specifically used for dress shirts that are bespoke and tailored, keeping the use of collar bar in mind. It is really tough to find ready-made shirts with eyelets specified for collar bar. Hence this in itself creates an identity that this is not for mass but for a niche segment. Like the previous accessories, there is few things one need to know and understand about a collar-bar.


Collar-bar, collar barbell, collar pin (similar to safety pins, but huge size)


Bar or pin


Anything in silver, gold or chrome will look just perfect


Usually 1.5-2 inches, but varies from designers to designers

Occasions to wear:

Office wear, Business Meet, Gala dinner, Award Ceremony


  • Make sure the quality is of best standards. You can just have one of this, but of a premium quality.
  • I recommend you use it only on tailored shirts as that would give you the perfect eye-lets for the bar.
  • If you are wearing on a ready-made shirt, make sure the collar is not stiff and fabric is soft, preferably Oxford or pure cotton. This will save you from creating shabby holes in the collar.
  • It is a good idea if you match the colors/ materials of your tie-bar and collar-bar. Looks organised.
  • A white collared shirt will amplify your collar bar at its best. 




This post has been written by Hardik Gandhi, who is style adviser just-for-men and the founder of this site:  I am Mr

He is a frequent contributor to the magazine writing about  the aspects of men styling-grooming, wardrobe shopping and management. 

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