My readers and sometimes the ones who try to get a grip on what exactly “I am Mr.” does, often end up asking me a simple question: So do you also focus on the aspect of dating or woo-ing a girl, like other than dressing? So today, this post is for them.

I will be honest here, I ain’t much of a womaniser nor someone who has a mug full of confidence to lure any mesmerizing dame he comes across. But I am at times thankful to the “wingmen” I am surrounded with, who on every possible moment ignites the spark in me to approach the single or at times even the “status unknown” beauties in the radar. In the pretext of approaching the females, I would share here a typical observation that I have made after noticing one of my wingman.

This person has confidence, looks, dress-sense but the prime prop he carries with him is his facial gestures (read: eyes). Yes, GESTURE. We men are often the dumbest creature and that reflects in our eyes. Those eyes that captured the target, later are the ones who force you for a suicidal embarrassment, trust me, it’s from the experience that I quote.

So, read below few points that would help you be a “go-get-her”, a bit safely.

Avoid being Cheesy and a Hunter..

Avoid being Cheesy and a Hunter..

First and most important, lower down your excitement on the first glance that you have of her. Yes we know she’s hot but that doesn’t mean you win the “first set”.

Stop asking everyone who is she. Yes we understand that it would help if she’s among the common friends or acquaintance but try and have patience.

Stop Staring for God’s Sake..!!! Ya, it was a shout. Play cool, be calm and ignore her a while. Keep your Gun in the Holster.

Respect that Lady there, Mate..!

Respect that Lady there, Mate..!

Try making an eye-contact. Minimum for 3 times, ya atleast 3 strong contact that can boost your next step with a sense of surety.

Once you feel that you have saved yourself from the first three Don’t’s, get the confidence on your sleeves and find a point where she’s a bit idle and your company might trigger a tete-a-tete.

Now the toughest part, don’t you dare brag your achievements and accomplishments, even if it is that “I have dated 100 females till now or that your bathroom has an oceanic view”. Just let her talk and you respond accordingly. What she would be judging at that moment is not your resume but your mind and thoughts.

You are still taking, so don’t invade her space and make her uncomfortable. Read her body language and answers. If you are getting too much of ‘one-word’ replies, be polite and leave saying “Please to meet you, catch you later.”

But once you see that the smiles and laughs are being exchanged, take a leap, go take her to a place where it’s more fun than silence. Think of a bar, or a dance floor or even the table where your mates are.

A Smiling Face leads to a Beautiful Heart..So..Smile often

A Smiling Face leads to a Beautiful Heart..So..Smile often

And if you nailed it till here, you would not need further guidance for your next moves.

I am Mr. wishes you all the Loners & Boners a

Happy Valentine's Day…